Design Principles


At Hunt & Noyer we are true to our heritage. We care deeply that the work we produce comes from our souls. We are passionate about design, passionate about craft, and respectful of the legacy of furniture makers in our family lineage and that of American design as a whole. 


Design comes in many forms. Having poured over thousands of images of works by great designers from all over the world, we feel we have a good idea of where we stand. We value attention to detail, and strive to show you how our pieces are made with a focus on traditional joinery techniques for the modern age. You will know Hunt & Noyer work when you see it. Striking, yet refined, the details grab you and pull you in to touch and experience the furniture. 


Without quality, design is merely a shell, a facade. In order for design to transcend trend and live on into the future beyond a single point in time, it must be firmly grounded in quality materials. We hand-select each piece of material for Hunt & Noyer furniture; matching grain for consistency and the correct application. Grain matching is an artform, guiding both the aesthetics and structural integrity of a piece. Our foundation is built on quality materials, allowing our pieces to stand the test of time in both utility and design.


Design needs to speak to you. We believe with the right details, design will live with you as your style evolves and your home follows suit. It just so happens that the details we choose to highlight in each Hunt & Noyer piece add both beauty and strength. Our craftsmanship is on display in our use of joinery as a design element. That same joinery is essential to ensure the longevity of each and every piece in our growing collection. Ultimately, our furniture is intended for everyday use, to be loved and lived with for many generations.