Growing up in the Huntoon family, I was surrounded by beautiful heirlooms created by three generations of Huntoon men before me. Every trip to my grandparents home in northern Michigan meant a chance to visit pieces of furniture carefully crafted by my great-great grandfather, great grandfather, and grandfather. Each piece, unique in it’s design and embellishments, told a story. The centerpiece of my grandparents’ home was my great-grandfather’s tool chest. built entirely of walnut and birdseye maple, with floral inlays, coved top, and eight thin drawers locked in place with a hidden mechanism. It blew my mind.

I could not begin to wrap my head around the fact that someone had built these pieces with their own hands, let alone a member of my own family. Each time we visited, I left hoping that I might someday be lucky enough to inherit one of them. I wouldn't realize the profound impact this furniture had on me until many years later.

I inherited a craft, and every day I feel lucky to be able to share it with the world.

-Kyle Huntoon, Founder + Designer Craftsman, Hunt & Noyer

 National Recognition


education & exhibition

  • Furniture Intensive, 2012-2013 Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Rockport, Maine

  • B.S.E. Civil Engineering, 2007 University of Michigan

  • American Craft Expo., Aug 2014 Chicago, Illinois [Emerging Artist]

  • Smithsonian Craft Show, Mar 2015 Washington, D.C.

  • American Craft Expo., Sept. 2016 Glencoe, Illinois

  • Krasl Art on the Bluff, June 2017 St. Joseph, Michigan


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